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    At Callison Tighe, our attorneys represent whistleblowers who want to help uncover fraud.  When a company, organization, or individual defrauds the government, all of us can suffer. That’s why the federal government, along with many states and municipalities, have whistleblower laws that can reward those who come forward.

    The federal False Claims Act protects and rewards whistleblowers who expose fraud, waste or abuse in government contracts. In every industry where the government pays for goods and services, there is an opportunity for fraudulent schemes. These can include:

    • Submitting claims for goods or services never provided;
    • Charging more than a service or product costs;
    • Improper medical referrals;
    • Colluding with competitors;
    • Paying “kickbacks” to public officials or private individuals.

    The provisions of the False Claims Act allow those with evidence of fraud to sue the wrongdoer on behalf of the United States government. These are often called “qui tam” actions. The government can join these actions, but the whistleblower can proceed on his or her own if the government declines.

    Violators of the False Claims Act are liable for three times the dollar amount the government is defrauded and civil penalties of tens-of-thousands of dollars. A whistleblower can receive 15 to 30 percent of the recovery whether through a judgment or settlement.

    While potential recoveries can be large, the number of successful cases every year is small. A potential whistleblower can encounter pitfalls when reporting fraud, waste, or abuse. Choosing the right team to advise and represent you in a False Claims Act can make all the difference.

    The attorneys at Callison Tighe have the government and private-sector knowledge and experience to fully assist potential whistleblowers. From the beginning, our attorneys thoroughly analyze and investigate potential cases. In qui tam cases, we work closely with the United States Department of Justice, the United States Attorney’s Office and other agencies to help maximize positive outcomes for our clients.

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