Construction Litigation

From problems involving a single-family home to issues stemming from complicated multi-million-dollar projects, the attorneys at Callison Tighe are poised to help clients resolve a range of residential or commercial construction disputes.

Construction litigation often becomes complicated due in part to the sheer number of parties in even small residential projects. A simple construction project typically involves contractors and subcontractors, as well as engineers and architects. Larger developments or commercial construction also can include, business partners, developers, consultants, banks and lenders, and other entities.

The types of construction claims that can arise are almost as varied. Construction litigation can include claims of negligence, breach of contract, construction defects, suretyship or breach of warranties. Allegations of faulty installation, structural problems or defective materials also are common.

Experienced construction litigation attorneys

The construction attorneys at Callison Tighe can help clients resolve a range of disputes, handling the case from initial demand to negotiation through trial or arbitration if necessary. We have the experience and skills to represent clients during appeals as well.

Our goal is to help guide clients to the best possible outcome for disputes, and we are prepared to litigate matters in every state and federal court in South Carolina. Our firm also has an attorney licensed in North Carolina for projects or disagreements that cross state lines.

We understand, though, that a settlement is often in the best interests of all parties, rather than engaging in a lengthy and risky legal process. We can assist clients with arbitration and mediation if they prefer to pursue alternative dispute resolution.

Our attorneys also can help clients prevent issues from developing. Callison Tighe’s services include reviewing contracts to create sound legal footing from the start. We examine the agreements carefully, reviewing them with a goal of ensuring that specifications are clear and that all parties are aware of the expectations to avoid ambiguity and misunderstandings.

Additionally, Callison Tighe counsel clients on risk-management issues common to the construction industry. Our attorneys strive to make sure they are aware of industry guidelines and suggestions that, if implemented, can help reduce the chance of costly construction litigation or improve their chances of prevailing if a lawsuit is filed.

This description of Callison Tighe's services, experiences, or results in previous litigation or regarding specific clients for information purposes only and does not constitute representations or guarantees to other clients or prospective clients that the same or similar results may be achieved. The results and strategy for each case or matter is dependent on the facts and legal circumstances of that case.