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    The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission was intended to be simple, but it isn’t. The employer’s insurance company makes most decisions, and they have an army of managers and attorneys who deal with workers comp all day long. Their goal is to minimize costs. Workers who try to go it alone often find themselves at an overwhelming disadvantage.

    At Callison Tighe, we work hard to even the odds. Our workers’ comp attorneys have handled thousands of cases. Many injured workers find themselves in financial distress, needing medical attention and unable to work because the insurance company won’t start their benefits. We have handled cases ranging from minor back strains to major back and neck surgery, paraplegia, traumatic brain injuries, repetitive trauma and death,  helping employees get the medical and disability benefits they need and deserve.

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    We begin by gathering all the details of your case. This could involve talking with witnesses and medical or occupational experts. We follow the paper trail, too, securing important records and reports. We examine your expenses to make sure you’re asking for every dollar you deserve. This can include expenses such as the cost of getting to and from doctor appointments in addition to  obvious costs.

    We can help you initiate the claim if the company is balking or trying to low-ball you on benefits. If your employer disputes that your illness or injury is work-related, we dig hard in search of the truth.

    Our workers’ comp lawyers carefully examine all details of your case, from medical care costs to compensation for lost wages or disability. We try to make sure your physical and financial recovery is complete.

    Callison Tighe prides itself on the personal approach. Every workers’ comp client is assigned a paralegal always ready to give updates on the case. And, of course, your attorney is as close as an email or phone call.

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