Land Use Planning

From a small zoning variation to permits needed for major developments, the experienced land-use attorneys at Callison Tighe have the legal knowledge and skills to take projects of any size from concept to completion.

Callison Tighe land-use lawyers have decades of experience working with both sides of the equation. They’re thorough and well-versed in the process, appearing before planning commissions and zoning boards countless times over the decades.

They’ve represented local governments, reviewing their actions for compliance with relevant local, state and federal laws.

They’ve represented private-sector clients, shepherding projects through a complicated maze of land use and zoning codes and ordinances. They’ve assisted in obtaining necessary state and federal permits as well.

The goal is always to thoroughly prepare and investigate so that the process is a smooth one, negotiating past any speed bumps along the way. If necessary, though, Callison Tighe land-use attorneys have the deep litigation experience necessary to pursue the matter in court, including any appeals that are necessary.

Callison Tighe attorneys also can help clients who want to be proactive, representing them in comprehensive plan-change proposals that could have an impact on what they’re able to do with their property in the future.

Whether you need a zoning change, want to oppose one or require assistance with permitting, the land-use attorneys at Callison Tighe can help. Call us today to learn more.