Complex Criminal Defense

In the face of complex laws, regulations and evolving enforcement priorities, individuals, businesses and organizations often face challenging decisions and situations. When a case involves the potential of criminal allegations, federal, state, and local authorities can bring tremendous resources to bear.

Whether you seek an active defense or preventative guidance to avoid pitfalls down the road, the attorneys at Callison, Tighe and Robinson can help you navigate these complex problems and help resolve difficult disputes.

Louis Lang

Louis Lang has decades of experience defending individuals charged with federal crimes, both at the trial level and before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

Louis began his criminal defense practice as a Judge Advocate in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, United States Navy. There he gained valuable experience trying criminal cases before special and general courts-martial and representing sailors and officers in various types of administrative disciplinary proceedings.

Since 1994, after entering private practice, Louis has represented many defendants in federal court charged with crimes ranging from drug and gun offenses to sophisticated mail fraud, RICO, tax fraud and fictitious securities charges.

With his extensive experience in civil matters involving business, mortgage and real property disputes, Louis brings a unique perspective to defending federal white-collar crimes. Louis recently completed a two-week trial involving charges of mail fraud and the possession, sale, etc., of fictitious securities and a trial involving charges of lying to an FBI agent.

Louis is thoroughly familiar with the federal advisory sentencing guidelines, their impact on federal sentences and the plea-agreement process in federal court. He has litigated numerous contested sentencing issues, both at trial and on appeal.

Ian Duggan

Ian Duggan began his legal career as an officer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, United States Air Force. Over the course of almost seven years on active duty, Ian was involved in hundreds of criminal cases as a senior prosecutor and defense counsel. He also served as a Special Assistant United States Attorney representing the United States in federal court. He regularly advised senior military leaders on a variety of issues including ethics, government investigations, government contracts and federal regulatory compliance. He also advised federal law enforcement in many joint investigations among military, state and federal agencies on national security and other serious criminal matters. He served overseas in joint operations in Afghanistan, Turkey and Qatar.

Since entering private practice, Ian has represented individuals and businesses facing serious investigations by the federal government, the State of South Carolina and various state agencies. His experience includes representing individuals facing the loss of state professional licenses, procurement misconduct and criminal healthcare fraud. Ian’s leverages his experience, inside and outside the military, to help achieve positive results for his clients.

Ian understands what it means to serve. His practice includes the defense of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen accused of misconduct in a court-martial, UCMJ Article 15, nonjudicial punishment proceedings and adverse administrative actions, including medical credentialing actions. While all servicemembers are entitled to free representation, even minor unfavorable actions in one’s record can quickly end a military career. Experienced counsel can make a real difference when someone’s benefits and livelihood are on the line. You can read more about Ian’s military law practice here.

This description of Callison Tighe's services, experiences, or results in previous litigation or regarding specific clients for information purposes only and does not constitute representations or guarantees to other clients or prospective clients that the same or similar results may be achieved. The results and strategy for each case or matter is dependent on the facts and legal circumstances of that case.