Business Ownership Succession, Sale & Exit Planning

Often a business is a family’s most valuable asset, one that can be the source of prosperity and security for generations. But without a viable ownership succession or exit plan, even the best business can wither in mere months.

The business attorneys at Callison Tighe can help you give your business the best chance of continuing to thrive once you’re no longer at the helm. They’ll start by asking questions, perhaps some you haven’t considered. Do you want the business to continue, or be sold to provide for your family?

Once you and your loved ones have determined that answer, Callison Tighe’s business ownership succession-planning lawyers will explore all the tools available to you and advise you on how to achieve your objectives, whether it’s preserving retirement income or preserving the company for the next generation. That doesn’t have to be an either/or question. Callison Tighe business attorneys can help you balance those two goals.

They will talk to you about what-if scenarios and draft documents that can help protect you and the business in the event of disability or illness – powers of attorney, living wills, advanced directives, and business continuity and exit plans, for example.

They will help you review your business structure and update it as necessary. Most importantly, they will continue to work as your partner, making changes as events dictate the need to do so.

Contact Callison Tighe today to see how our skilled, experience attorneys can create a business ownership succession plan that works for your company, now and in the future.