Business Formation

When beginning the business formation process, you will have many decisions to make. S Corp vs. C Corp? Sole proprietorship or partnership? LLP or LLC?

Today’s entrepreneurs face a dizzying array of legal options for structuring their enterprises. The experienced business attorneys at Callison Tighe can help guide them toward the correct ones, keeping in mind the needs of today as well as goals for the future.

If handled properly, business formation is actually the start of estate planning. Selecting the right kind of business entity can make the hand-off to the next generation go more smoothly, both in terms of creating a clear direction and in protecting assets. Business structure also has an effect on taxes, and Callison Tighe attorneys have the necessary experience and knowledge to skillfully address those ramifications.

Callison Tighe’s business attorneys can help guide entrepreneurs regardless of their goals. The lawyers will carefully explore the many options and formulate recommendations, keeping possible short- and long-term impacts in mind at every step.

The firm’s business lawyers also can draft required legal documents, including shareholder, partnership, and operating agreements. As the business grows, the attorneys can assist with employment, consulting, and noncompete agreements. They can help businesses reorganize if necessary.

From a simple mom-and-pop shop to a major corporation, the business attorneys at Callison Tighe can help get any enterprise off a great start.