The skills required to win at trial are different from the ones necessary to prevail on appeal. The appellate attorneys at Callison Tighe are keenly aware of that critical distinction. They have […]


In South Carolina, alternative dispute resolution – mediation or arbitration – is now the rule rather than the exception. For most legal disputes in the state, mediation is mandatory. The majority of […]

Real Estate & Title Insurance Litigation

Homeowners, developers, lenders, governments and more. Those are just a few of the clients who have turned to Callison Tighe attorneys for help with their real estate or title issues. The Callison […]

Eminent Domain (Condemnation and Inverse Condemnation)

When a government takes private property through its power of eminent domain, the owner has the right to just compensation. That right is guaranteed in both the U.S. and South Carolina Constitutions. […]

Construction Litigation

From problems involving a single home to issues arising from complicated multi-million-dollar projects, the attorneys at Callison Tighe are poised to help clients resolve a range of residential or commercial construction disputes. […]

Whistleblower & False Claims

When a company or person defrauds the government, we all suffer. That’s why many agencies, from the federal government to small municipalities, have whistleblower laws that reward people who come forward to […]

Trusts & Estate Litigation

Navigation of intra-family dynamics. Experience in complex business matters. Knowledge of complicated tax issues. Skills in the courtroom. These are just a few of the advantages Callison Tighe’s attorneys bring to the […]

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation in South Carolina is supposed to be simple, but it isn’t. It’s a “no-fault” system, which means it doesn’t matter whether you were negligent or the company did everything perfectly. […]

Serious Personal Injury

To represent a client who has suffered a serious personal injury, or a family who has tragically lost a loved-one due to the negligence of another, a lawyer must first understand the […]

Commercial Litigation

Business disputes can be costly, in terms of time, money, disruption to operations, and distractions.  Commercial litigation is often complex — procedurally, legally and factually.  Such disputes always take the parties away […]