What to do if you are injured on the job in South Carolina

Because South Carolina is a “no fault” workers compensation state, people injured on the job can be compensated for medical treatment, lost wages and more even if the employer didn’t do anything wrong.

It’s important, though, to take steps to try to protect your rights if you’re injured. Here’s a list of key things to remember.

  1. Report the accident and injuries to your supervisor immediately. While you have 90 days to report a workplace injury, delays in reporting the accident can result in a denial of your claim. Report the accident/injury to a person of authority, such as your foreman or supervisor, not just a co-worker.
  2. If you need medical attention, ask your employer to send you to a doctor. If the employer ignores the request, go see a doctor anyway, but you must give the employer the opportunity to provide the medical care.
  3. When you see the doctor, be clear in describing how you were injured and describe all of your injuries, not just the ones that bother you the most. Remember, if you don’t tell the doctor about an injury, for all practical purposes, it doesn’t exist. Many injuries do not become evident right away, so be sure to report all of your symptoms and concerns.
  4. Keep your employer informed of how you are doing, even if the employer doesn’t ask. If you are given an excuse to miss work, or to be on light duty, you must give that written doctor’s excuse to your employer immediately. If your employer gives you light-duty work, you must try to work, but the work must be within the limitations set by the doctor. If you are written out of work for more than a week, or if your employer can’t accommodate light-duty work restrictions, you may be entitled to weekly wage benefits while you are being treated.
  5. Follow the doctor’s instructions and keep all medical appointments.
  6. If your injuries are significant, if your employer or the workers compensation adjuster denies or delays your benefits, or if you just have a question about the process, call us. Rick and George can be reached at (803) 404-6900. Initial consultations are free.