Detwiler earns certification as South Carolina Circuit Court mediator

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA – Rick Detwiler, a member at Callison Tighe, has earned certification as a South Carolina Circuit Court mediator.

In many South Carolina counties, including Richlands, mediation is required for Circuit and Family Court cases. Mediation is allowed in Probate Court as well, though it is not required.

In order to become a certified mediator, an attorney must complete training as well as meet other requirements. Two other Callison Tighe attorneys, Reece Williams and Mike Tighe, also are certified South Carolina circuit court mediators. Tighe is a certified state arbitrator as well.

The mediation process can help people involved in lawsuits resolve their differences before the case goes to court. Litigants meet with a mediator, who is a neutral third party, in hopes of resolving their issue before the start of the trial. The mediator’s job is to facilitate discussions and help the parties create their own agreements. Mediators do not make decisions.

If the two sides can come to terms after meeting with the mediator, both parties usually save time and money and also eliminate the emotional toll of a trial. If an agreement cannot be reached, the mediation proceedings remain confidential and the case can proceed to trial.

A member of Callison Tighe since 1992, Detwiler’s practice includes personal injury cases, commercial lawsuits and family litigation. He has also represented clients in probate litigation, including cases involving complex estates and trusts.

Additionally, Detwiler represents both business and employees in South Carolina workers’ compensation cases. He has handled hundreds of workers’ comp claims on behalf of commercial and residential contractors. He also has handled lifetime benefits cases for workers suffering traumatic brain injuries as well as other total disability cases.