Callison Tighe Gives $10,000 to Harvest Hope Food Bank

harvest_hope_midlandsbizUsually at this time of year, Callison Tighe & Robinson, LLC hosts a Christmas party for its clients and friends. But not this year. This year, the Columbia law firm is casting its hospitality far more widely.

Instead of a holiday party, Callison Tighe gave $10,000 to Harvest Hope Food Bank, to meet the needs of hungry people in 20 counties in central South Carolina. The firm presented the check to Harvest Hope on Wednesday.

“It just seems right and more appropriate to be thinking of those less fortunate than us” during this season, and with the nation experiencing hard economic times not seen since the Great Depression, said Callison Tighe partner Richard C. Detwiler. He said the firm’s partners unanimously agreed, without discussion, to make the donation to Harvest Hope, an organization that “attends to our citizens’ most basic needs.”

For Harvest Hope, $10,000 means 70,000 more pounds of food that can be provided to the needy. And 87 pounds of food helps a poor person stay nourished through a month, after food stamps run out. “We consider this incredibly generous gift such a major blessing during the holiday season,” and in the cold months beyond, said Denise Holland, chief executive officer of Harvest Hope.

“Nationwide, about one in seven families don’t know how they’ll meet their food needs for the month,” she said, adding that South Carolina consistently ranks fourth or fifth in the nation in terms of the incidence of hunger.

About Harvest Hope Food Bank
Harvest Hope Food Bank is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Beginning in 1981 as an emergency food box program, Harvest Hope is now a regional distribution program that collects, stores and distributes food and related items to more than 400 qualified agencies engaged in feeding needy, elderly and ill families and children in 20 counties in central South Carolina. To make a donation to Harvest Hope, go to and click on “Donate Now,” or call (803) 254-4432.