Callison Tighe Contribution Backs Richland Bar-Habitat for Humanity BUILDable Hours program

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Callison Tighe & Robinson LLC is donating $2,500 to BUILDable Hours, a joint venture of the Richland County Bar Association and Central South Carolina Habitat For Humanity that will put a young family in a safe, comfortable home this spring.

Ian McVey, a member of Callison Tighe and this year’s Richland County Bar Association president, said that while BUILDable Hours is new to the Midlands, the program has been a huge success elsewhere in the country.

“It’s a wonderful chance for law firms to give back to the community in a very tangible and enduring way. Here’s an opportunity to make a direct difference in the lives of a family with young children, by giving them a home that they can call their own forever,” McVey said.

Through April 19, the Bar is challenging law firms to make sponsorship donations for the project. The fund-raising goal is $60,000, and firms can donate $5,000 to sponsor a day’s labor of $2,500 for a half day.

Beginning May 20, volunteers are needed to help build the home at the corner of Gervais and Assembly streets. No experience is required, and tools will be provided. Just bring a willingness to help out.

This year’s BUILDable Hours is a first for the Richland County Bar. Organizers hope to make it an annual effort.

To sponsor the event or to volunteer or donate as an individual, contact Ashleigh Messervy at Central South Carolina Habitat For Humanity at 803.252.3570 ext 2101 or email