Financial Services, Creditors Rights & Bankruptcy

We represent lenders and private investors in foreclosure actions throughout South Carolina. Our attorneys represent clients in matters involving commercial property, such as the foreclosure of hotels, shopping centers, large agricultural and forest tracts, multi-parcel tracts and complex contested matters. We are prepared to assist lenders and private equity investors in mitigating their losses prior to foreclosure.

Over our many years of existence, Callison Tighe has also represented clients in resolving problem assets, thereby avoiding the expense of foreclosure through forbearance agreements, loan modifications, and deeds in lieu of foreclosure. Our attorneys also have represented clients from the demand and acceleration phase all the way through sale. We have experience resolving title issues that could mire a foreclosure.  In addition, members of Callison Tighe have represented clients in many contested foreclosure matters in the court system – from trial all the way to appeal.  Our attorneys also have experience with post-sale issues including challenges to the judgment order and sale, tax sale litigation, and ejectment. In matters where deficiency judgments are sought, Callison Tighe also has experience in enforcing judgments through supplemental proceedings.

Our attorneys always strive to complete foreclosure matters in the most expeditious way possible. Our goal is to complete the typical residential foreclosure matter, from file intake to sale, within one hundred eighty days.

This description of Callison Tighe's services, experiences, or results in previous litigation or regarding specific clients for information purposes only and does not constitute representations or guarantees to other clients or prospective clients that the same or similar results may be achieved. The results and strategy for each case or matter is dependent on the facts and legal circumstances of that case.