A veteran attorney with more than 40 years’ practice in Columbia, Butch Barnhill focuses his practice on real estate issues, including transactions, development and litigation. He’s also an experienced business attorney and probate lawyer, as well as a certified South Carolina Circuit Court Mediator.

Butch has worked for law firms of every size, from small two-attorney shops to huge firms with hundreds of lawyers. He’s been involved in some of the largest land transactions in the country’s history and complex development deals. He’s a licensed real estate broker, a credential that enables him to better assist clients because he understands the process from more than one perspective. His experience as a broker better positions him to represent clients should a real estate dispute lead to litigation.

His practice also includes business law. He assists clients with formation of closely held corporations, which often are small family businesses. Butch has served on boards of directors of a number of these corporations, positions that have helped him develop insight into day-to-day business operations. He’s helped clients form 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit corporations as well, working with several conservation associations on this front to help them create programs designed to protect wildlife.

Butch also assists clients with probate matters, including wills, trusts and litigation. His real estate background helps him represent clients in partitioning real property.

As a certified Circuit Court mediator, Butch calls on his decades of legal experience to help guide parties toward agreements that allow them to avoid both the emotional stress and financial toll of lengthy litigation.

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